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Hop on the Free SU-MENĖK Art Bus in Vilnius

Hop on, hop off, and explore the art scene in Vilnius. Take a different kind of tour around the city; one where you get to explore 25 of Vilnius’ art galleries and museums. The SU-MENĖK initiative invites you to explore the city’s most renowned art spaces as well as the more hidden art sanctuaries in the easiest way possible: travelling on a special bus. The route will introduce you to some of the most inspiring pieces of contemporary art. Hop on, ride the bus, and check out some galleries you’re sure to love.

You can hop on the free bus every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 31 January to 1 March. The bus runs every 40 minutes from the Antanas Tumėnas bus stop, but you can hop on at any stop you’d like along the route. Check out the schedule and bus stops here:

Most of the galleries are free of charge with the programme leaflet, but there might be a special fee for certain museums and a few special events. You can pick up a programme leaflet at one of the participating galleries or at the Vilnius Tourist Information Centre. Get your imagination moving!

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