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Vilnius Greeters are Looking Forward to Meeting You

This summer, hospitality in Vilnius has hit new heights. The ever-growing number of tourists coming to Lithuania’s capital are now being welcomed by Vilnius Greeters.

Savanoriai Vilniuje

Vilnius Greeters help tourists get around the city, recommend places of interest to visit or for leisure activities, and provide any other pertinent information. All summer long, tourists will be able to meet Vilnius Greeters on the main streets of the city and ask for advice about what to do, eat, and visit.

Moreover, for the first time, our greeters will be welcoming visitors to Vilnius with their own dogs! So don’t hesitate to meet them and have a little chat about the city!

Here’s how to identify our Vilnius Tourism volunteers: if you see someone wearing a red-coloured vest with “Discover Vilnius” written on it and a red Vilnius cap – you’ve just found a Vilnius Tourism volunteer!

The greeters programme is about helping people find the Vilnius that interests them most, so let them help you make discoveries based on your tastes, and above all else, enjoy our city!