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Kaziukas Fair

When and where is Kaziukas Fair?

Kaziukas Fair takes place annually on the weekend closest to Saint Casimir‘s Day (4 March). That‘s 6-8 March, 2020.
Kaziukas Fair takes place in the heart of Vilnius. Hundreds of stands and stalls featuring our finest crafts and folk art fill Gediminas Avenue, Šventaragio, T. Vrublevskio, B. Radvilaitės, Maironio, Vokiečių and Pilies Streets.

About Kaziukas Fair

Vilnius Kaziukas Fair cannot be imagined without:

  • Traditional Easter palms – the most popular souvenir of the fair
  • An array of food and traditional culinary treats Eatable fair souvenirs
  • Trade of handmade goods and art creations
  • Theatrical processions
  • Music!

History of Kaziukas Fair

After the canonisation of the Grand Duke Casimir (Lith. Kaziukas) in the first part of the 17th century, the construction of St. Casimir’s Jesuit Church began in Vilnius. It was the first Baroque sanctuary in the city. On the day of the Saint’s death, 4 March, St. Casimir’s Day started to be mentioned. To mark this occasion, a huge fair of craftspeople and farmers was organised every year after St. Casimir Day mass.

As a result of different historical events, several editions of the fair were forced to relocate to various parts of the city: The Cathedral Square, Lukiškės, even Kalvarijų market. In the times of Independence, the fair returned to Vilnius city centre, stretching to the four corners of the city. In its present form, the fair extends many kilometres along the streets of the Old Town, squares and yards.

TOP 3 reasons to visit Kaziukas Fair:

1. You can find EVERYTHING (in the truest sense of the word) in one place.

There is such a wide variety of traders and artisans who take part in the fair, so you’ll be sure to find products satisfying your taste: from unique trinketso real art creations, traditional handicrafts from various regions of Lithuania and numerous examples of modern design.

2. You can get acquainted with the Vilnius region and Lithuanian traditions.


Visit Kaziukas Fair – get acquainted with Vilnius and Lithuania. There is no other event that has maintained a tradition for more than 400 years in our swiftly changing country.

3. You can taste various traditional Lithuanian dishes in one place.

Tasting dishes at Vilnius’ Kaziukas Fair is the perfect opportunity to introduce your palate to a wide variety of Lithuanian breads, meats, dairy products, honey, herbs and sweets, and of course, Lithuanian homemade beer. Come discover new flavours!

TOP 4 must-taste dishes at Kaziukas fair:

1. Baranka

What’s a fair without a warm Kaziukas baranka (Eng. ring-shaped roll)? Their necklaces are an obligatory attribute according to which fair guests may be recognised from afar. After all, everybody feels obliged to bring at least one ring-shaped roll to their relatives who could not come to the fair. It is a unique product found only once a year, only at Kaziukas Fair.

2. Kaziukas gingerbread

kaziukas-IMG_3843Gingerbread has been one of the most sought-after souvenirs among the fair-goers since the inception of the event. It’s available in a variety of sizes and shapes and the most popular ones come in the shape of a heart or even Vilnius Gediminas Tower, decorated with icing sugar. Our tip: get some Kaziukas gingerbread not only to try, but also as a great souvenir to bring home to you friends and family!

3. Šimtalapis, the Tatar hundred-leaf cake

When was the last time you tasted a hundred-leaf Tatar cake? Probably during Kaziukas Fair? Tatars have lived in Lithuania for hundreds of years and continue to practice many of their culinary traditions; the most popular of which is a sweet pastry requiring special accuracy called Šimtalapis. If you keep an eye out, you may just find your own piece of this most authentic Šimtalapis cake.Photo @karolis_karpis (Instagram)

TOP 5 must-have souvenirs from Kaziukas Fair:

1. Vilnius region Easter palm

Of course, the most sought-after souvenir is the Vilnius region Easter palm. The Easter palm is now iconic to Kaziukas Fair, and serves as a reminder of the onset of spring in Lithuania.

2. Wooden souvenirs


The classics of Kaziukas Fair are wooden spoons, paddles or other cutlery made of wood. With a huge selection of these products to choose from, you’re certain to find something interesting that catches your eye.

3. Ceramic products

Purchase something from a seemingly endless selection of ceramics: artistic bowls, pitchers, earrings or even a whistle to help call spring with. Again, nowhere else will you find so many variants, and, if you miss something beautiful, you’ll have to wait until next year’s fair to find something similar.

4. Wickerwork

Kaziukas Fair is famous for baskets and other wickerwork. You can find baskets of various sizes, forms, and styles, which later on can be used to pack other products and souvenirs from the fair!

5. Helping others

kaziukas-IMG_4036The best souvenir is helping those who really need it. Kaziukas Fair is also full of kindness, not just products and goods. Here, you’ll also have an opportunity to support, donate or contribute in any other way to the activities of campaigns and organisations dedicated to serving important initiatives.

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