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10 Reasons to Visit Vilnius This Autumn

Exceptional photo opportunities, a multitude of events, delightful seasonal treats and more. For a little travel inspiration, here’s our pick of 10 Vilnius experiences unique to autumn.

1. The Fresh Harvest at Halės Market

Wander about the aisles and ask the vendors for a taste – most will be happy to give you a bite of what they’re selling. Autumn is when the stalls at Halės Market are filled to the brim with fresh fruit and vegetables – many of them organic – offering locals and visitors alike a taste of Lithuanian produce.

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2. Vilnius’ Colorful Parks

Take a pleasant walk in the centrally located Bernardine Garden or hop on a Cyclocity bike and head out to Vingis Park. Whichever green space you choose, autumn is a wonderful time to breathe in the crisp air and enjoy the changing colours of Vilnius. 

3. A Town Abuzz With Events

As residents return from vacations, autumn is when the programme of events and festivals in town grows to accommodate larger audiences. Music, theatre and cinema – let your mind wander a little and discover sights, sounds and stories that will whisk you away from the familiar.

4. Vilnius Panoramas in Autumn

September is the last month to climb the belfries of St Johns’ Church and Vilnius Cathedral and soak up the views of the town from above. Both sights, located right in the middle of the Old Town, provide a good vantage point over the red roofs in the heart of the city – a true Vilnius classic.

5. The New Cultural Season

The Opera, State Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonic all start their new seasons in autumn with a wide variety of performances, including both premieres and crowd-pleasing classics. Settle in, get comfortable and let the music connect you to an array of emotions. 

6. Bustling Vilnius Nightlife

1 September is the start of the new academic year. While students may be busy between four walls of their alma maters during the day, they pour into town on the weekends, livening up the city. Head out to Islandijos Street on a Friday night and you’re bound to find a place that suits your liking.

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7. The Autumn Equinox

On the evening of 22 September, the Neris embankment near the King Mindaugas Bridge turns into a mesmerising display of fire sculptures. Join the crowd and point your camera at the lights or simply enjoy the show dedicated to the fact that autumn nights will be longer than its days. 

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8. Mushrooms on the Menu

At this time of the year, restaurants use local mushrooms to add a rich earthy flavour to their dishes. Soups, sides and mains – you’re bound to find mushrooms in numerous dishes this autumn. Scour through the town’s markets and you may very well find them dried or pickled – great for taking home with you.

9. All Saints’ Day

On 1 November, Lithuanians visit cemeteries to light candles in remembrance of friends and relatives past. And while locals spend this holiday exclusively with their families, visitors can enjoy the sights of thousands of candles illuminating the night on the hills of Rasos, Antakalnis and Užupis. 

10. Vilnius Mists

Climb the Hill of Three Crosses on an autumn morning and experience the beauty of Vilnius covered in a delicate layer of mist. While it’s not always easy to predict how the elements will behave, one thing is certain – autumn is the only time of the year to capture those pictures.

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