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5 Unmissable Vilnius Summer Events

Summer days are long and bright in Vilnius. While you may find yourself having breakfast outside and enjoying the sunshine in the morning, afternoons and evenings are great for heading out to see what goes on in town. Here are this summer’s highlights:


7-10 June 2018

ArtVilnius is Eastern Europe’s largest and Lithuania’s only contemporary art fair. Each year, it transforms the LITEXPO convention centre into a large exhibition space where you’ll find contemporary art galleries and institution representatives, as well as individual artists.

Kultūros naktis Sapiegų Tech parke. foto Rytis Šeškaitis

Culture Night
15 June 2018

Vilnius’ all-night festival typically takes place in June amid some of the shortest nights of the year. The city centre swells with people who move around the festival’s different sites to see performances, exhibitions and light shows – all for free and for just one night.

Dainų šventė

Lithuania’s Centenary Song Celebration
1-6 July 2018

A celebration so big and unique it made UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Lithuanian Song Celebration only takes place once every four years. The modern Lithuanian state turned 100 this year, so there’s a very special reason to celebrate with traditional song and dance.

Midsummer Vilnius

Midsummer Vilnius Festival
16-27 July 2018

For one week in mid-July, this festival will bring 10 performances to the very heart of town – the courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. Notable performances include Lithuanian rock legend Andrius Mamontovas, a production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and a concert by Swedish electronic music band Little Dragon.

Burgerfest Vilnius

Vilnius Burger Fest
26 July 2018

One thing you’re sure to notice when visiting Vilnius is that locals love their burgers. As such, it’s only natural that the Vilnius Burger Fest came about. Alongside the convenience of bringing all the best burger joints into one place, the festival also offers you a chance to taste very special dishes, some of which are prepared exclusively for the event.

And that’s not all. There are many more events taking place in town all summer. To find one that best suits your interests, have a look at our calendar.