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Christmas time in Vilnius: Events and Adventures

Experience Christmas! The Christmas Tree

Cathedral Square

1 December – 6 January

What would Christmas be like without a Christmas tree? You can be sure that Vilnius won’t disappoint; the city boasts one of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world. Don’t just take a photo; spend some time in the square, too. Make a wish standing on the Miracle Tile, get some hot chocolate at the Christmas Market, shop for some souvenirs, and just take in the Christmas spirit.

Uptown Christmas Market, Loftas

Švitrigailos St. 29

Visit a modern Christmas market filled with works from up-and-coming talents, local designers, and artisans. Warm up with some street food, check out the live music, or browse through the records at the vinyl market. It’s anything but traditional, but there’s still a wonderful Christmas atmosphere to take in.

Get ready for some action – Eurovaistinė Christmas Run

Vilnius Old Town

15 December

Price: EUR 3-12

Run, Santa, run! The tradition of running during the Christmas season in Vilnius has been alive for 44 years. Cold weather or not, take on the challenge and run with the crowd of Santas, Snow Whites, and thousands of other serious runners. What will it be this winter: 12, 6 or 3 km? Bonus: you can eat your festive dinner without any guilt after the run.

Christmas Paddleboard Swimming

Neris River, Žirmūnai Beach


Grab your favourite ugly Christmas sweater, hop on a paddleboard, and share the Christmas spirit with the onlookers on the Neris River. The traditional swim is something you won’t see every day. And not to worry if you don’t have your equipment; you can easily rent some. If you don’t feel like getting on a paddleboard, stand on one of the city’s bridges and wave to the Santas on the water.

Set the mood with some music – Christopher’s Christmas Festival

1-31 December

Enjoy the Christmas classics. The holiday season is the perfect time to give yourself the gift of music: romantic waltzes and sensual arias, dreamy nocturnes and energetic operettas. Treat yourself to some masterful performances.

Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Vienuolio St. 1

1-31 December

Vilnius has several long-standing Christmas traditions and going to an opera or a ballet during the holiday season is a must. The Nutcracker for children, or La Boheme and The Blue Danube for adults, but most importantly – the famous hot chocolate that locals just love. Get a cup at intermission and enjoy every last drop.

Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra

Vilnius Congress Hall

Vilniaus St. 6

Symphonic music is more than just the classics. The Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra will be rocking out with Queen, some jazz, and a ton of rock ballads this Christmas. Unique performances will make you fall in love with the orchestra versions of your favourite songs.

Escape the cold in a museum

MO Museum

Pylimo St. 17

If you get a bit tired of all the Christmasy activities and events, visit the Mo Museum and get a glimpse into Lithuanian art and culture of the 1990s. The exhibition entitled The Origin of Species: 1990s DNA explores music, fashion, the market economy, and pop culture in Lithuania.

National Gallery of Art in Vilnius

Konstitucijos Ave. 22

Get to know the history of Lithuanian art and see the most famous paintings and some rarely exhibited items. Small stories create a multi-faceted narrative and take you from the Soviet era to the contemporary art scene.

Celebrate till the end! New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Cathedral Square

31 December at Midnight

It’s the final countdown to the New Year at Cathedral Square. Get ready for an impressive firework show in the winter sky with the stunning Christmas tree and Gediminas Tower serving as the backdrop. 3…2…1… wow!

Procession of the Three Kings

Cathedral Square

6 January

All good things must come to an end, even the Christmas season. Say farewell to the Christmas tree and the holidays until next year while the Three Kings greet people and declare the end of the festivities. But Vilnius is great even when Christmas is over, so don’t go anywhere; maybe even stay longer!