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Take a Breath of Fresh Air in Vilnius’ Parks

As the lush green foliage of Vilnius takes on the spectacular colours of autumn, use the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon walk and a warm drink in one of the city’s many parks. Though reaching some of these places will require travel away from the heart of the city, visiting any of them is bound to leave you feeling invigorated.

Bernardine Garden

Home to a musical fountain and a botanical exposition, Bernardine Garden sits right next to Cathedral Square. The park is open daily with free admission and is one of the favourite leisure spots among Vilnius residents, who often drop by for a stroll along the Vilnia River.

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Verkiai Park and Kalvarijos Walking Tour

Many come for the Classical palace in the heart of the park, but there’s more to Verkiai than that. You can visit the old mill, reach the shores of the Green Lakes or see the park’s largest spring, which is considered miraculous, in Vilnius Kalvarijos – a point of interest for Christian pilgrims.


The Pūčkoriai Outcrop

Located in an area commonly referred to as Belmontas, the outcrop overlooks the Vilnia River’s valley and the surrounding forests. The highest geological formation of its kind in Lithuania, it is an excellent place to relax and let your eyes wander across the horizon.


Vilnius University’s Botanical Garden in Kairėnai

The country’s largest garden is home to a diverse plant collection. Don’t miss its green building: an old silicate-brick apartment block, reconstructed to house plants. Come September, the garden hosts its annual “Earth and Art” project, showcasing works of land and environmental art.


Vingis Park

Lying a comfortable walk away from the city centre, Vingis Park is the city’s favourite place to jog, skate and chill out. In the early months of autumn, you can still grab a coffee in one of the park’s cafes or rent a pair of roller skates and whizz along the paved paths.

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