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Tartle: Discover Lithuanian History Through Art

Tartle 2October is a special month for lovers of art and Lithuanian history. The newly-founded Lithuanian Art Centre Tartle in the district of Užupis invites visitors to learn about Lithuanian heritage and history through art. The centre’s founder, attorney-at-law Rolandas Valiūnas, established Tartle to fulfil his dream of sharing pieces of cultural and historical heritage he has collected and brought back to Lithuania with the public.

The first Tartle exhibition offers a view from the hill, looking to the north, west and south to explore the peaks of Lithuanian art history. The centre invites you to make a deeper connection with art, culture, and history – all of the exhibitions are only available as guided tours with the in-house art specialist. Online registration starts on 22 October, so don’t forget to fill out your form.

The huge Tartle collection offers more than 7,000 works, including pieces from the 15th century to today. Most of the paintings are extremely valuable to Lithuania and often travel to other museums around the globe. The Lithuanian Art Centre is the world’s largest private collection of paintings of Vilnius, sculptures, old maps of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and one of the first books printed in Lithuanian – Postilla by J. Bretkūnas.

Tartle is also exhibiting the works of artists who were born or lived in Lithuania. A couple of sculptures by Jacques Lipchitz – the world-famous Cubist sculptor born in Lithuania – will permanently reside at the art centre. It’s your chance to see his largest sculpture in Lithuania – Prometheus Strangling the Vulture. The founders of Tartle are also interested in contemporary art, so look out for on-going exhibitions in the centre’s garden.