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MO Museum

+370 609 83 764
Pylimo g. 17, Vilnius

I, III-VII 10:00 – 20:00

Adults 7 EUR, schoolchild, student and senior 3,50 EUR

MO Museum

MO Museum invites each exhibition visitor to discover their own relationship to the works: some works will allow them to recognise their own experiences, reminding them of the past or what is happening today; others pieces will not inspire much of a reaction; still others will introduce viewers to completely news stories and experiences.

The exhibition takes up all of the museum’s spaces – both the Large and Small Halls. Visitors are invited to use the multimedia guide introducing the exhibition’s 23 authors and their works. It is an opportunity to learn not only about art but the individuals behind it – about the artists and their lives.

MO Museum offers visitors various tools for enhancing their experience, as well as educational activities designed for different age groups, from children to adults. Teachers and students will be able to study the exhibition within the context of integrated lessons on world events, literature or history. Interacting with the artworks will allow them to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence and collaborative skills. At the same time, everyone who tries out visual thinking will realise that they, too, can be an art expert!

A steady program of MO events will supplement the exhibition experience and will help viewers see it from different angles. Events will include “Lunch Break at the Museum,” “A Date With an Artwork,” exhibition yours, family Sundays and monthly extended Fridays.