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Visitors’ Centre of Protected Areas

+370 5 272 8497
Antakalnio g. 25

II-V 9:00–12:00,12:45 – 18:00,
VI 10:00 –12:00, 12:45–16:00

Visitors’ Centre of Protected Areas

A National Visitors’ Centre of Protected Areas is providing visitors with information on protected areas in Lithuania and abroad. There are 5 national and 30 regional parks, also 3 state natural and 2 cultural reserves, approximately 300 nature reserves, and over 500 natural heritage objects protected by the Lithuanian state.

Visitors will be welcomed at the Centre by its exposition “Protected Areas. Journey through the Circle of Life”’. The exposition catches attention not only by its content, but also amazes by visual solutions. Inside, visitors will feel surrounded by nature in the Centre – with grassland, birds, and grasshoppers around, the clouds above their heads. Every exposition participant becomes an active participant capable to touch, listen, and feel.

The exposition will spark the interest not only of nature fans, but also will attract young visitors who can play interactive games. Descriptions of exhibits are provided in Lithuanian and English languages.