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LGBT+ Friendly Vilnius

Vilnius is home for many progressive citizens that are working hard so that Lithuania fully embraces LGBT+ equality.

The capital hosts a Baltic Pride celebration every three years, sharing the honour with the other two Baltic countries. Also, the Vilnius LGBT+ festival Kreivės (Curves) happens every summer, bringing people together for film screenings and other cultural events. The national LGBT advocacy organization LGL (Lithuanian Gay League) organizes various community events throughout the year, especially during the IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) in the middle of May.

lgbt vilnius

For partygoers, be sure to check out the Soho gay club which hosts popular weekend parties and such international stars as Alexander Rybak and Hard Ton. For more alternative parties, look out for Gender Wrongs or the We Are Propaganda series. Meanwhile, one of the best clubs for quality electronic music, Opium, organizes a free Tolerance Day party called Love is the Message, every November.

The Friendly City initiative, born out of the LGBT Friendly Vilnius map project, now features over 50 businesses that are all LGBT+ friendly. They also declare other “friendly” categories, for example wheelchair access, catering for different diets, and more. Find more information at or get a printed map at one of the official tourist information centers.

Finally, follow these artists to catch their LGBT+ related events: photographers ARCANA FEMINA and Shaltmira, filmmaker Romas Zabarauskas, singer and playwright Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, curator Laima Kreivytė, and painter Adomas Danusevičius.

In case you have more questions or suggestions on how to make our city even more friendly, please send an email to the official pro-LGBT+ group of Vilnius City Councillors: