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World Tourism Day 2018

Ekskursija paspirtukais 5Is it possible to explore everything Vilnius has to offer in just one weekend? If you want to give it a try, your best chance would be to do so from 27 to 30 September. It’ll start with World Tourism Day, which is celebrated around the world and will give Vilnius a perfect opportunity to showcase the city’s most interesting features.

The entire city will be filled with action, fun, and games. It’s always more fun to share these kinds of experiences, too, so make sure to bring your friends and family and choose the category you’re most interested in: active leisure, history and culture, family-friendly events, and innovations. Or try a bit of everything.

Enjoy Walking Tourism, Orienteering game and Lottery in Vilnius Tourist Information Centre!

Walking tours:

27th September, 11:00 from Cathedral Belfry, German language – Free of charge
28th September, 11:00 from Cathedral Belfry, English language – Free of charge

29th September, 11:00 from Cathedral Belfry, German and Russian language – Free of charge

30th September, 11:00 from Cathedral Belfry, English language – Free of charge


Lottery: Vilnius Tourist Information Centres on Pilies St 2 and Didžioji St 31 (Town Hall)

2018 09 24